With the Christian Game Developers Conference fast approaching, where developers of Christian video games and traditional non-digital games will be gathering in Oregon for a few days in July, I thought it would be good to link to a few articles on how to make the most of conferences.

The first one is this from Inc magazine: How to get the most out of a conference. What I took away from this was how it’s not just the three days of the conference itself that’s important – in particular, they recommend thorough preparation beforehand, figuring out who the other attendees are who you’re likely to have stuff in common with before you go, so that you can make sure to meet them, and so on; and also good follow-up after the conference with the people you’ve connected with.

This second one is from The 99%, who run their own conference: 5 Tips for Making the Most of a Conference. They’ve got some good advice focussed more on the formal content side of things – how to make sure that you actually get as much benefit as possible from the talks and other sessions that form part of the conference. In particular, they recommend trying to write a succinct summary of each talk, distilling them down to the one thing you want to take away.

This last one is from Scott Berkun and is called How to get the most out of conferences. He focusses in on the social aspects of a conference, making sure to connect with the other attendees, and some practical tips on how to use your down-time. Well worth a read, particular if you find social situations harder work.

Any CGDC veterans out there want to share your top tips for getting the most out of it?

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