I think this is technically a blog post about a blog post about a blog post, which is probably a no-no, but I don’t mind. I’m a huge fan of the Mockingbird blog – a Christian perspective on the media with an emphasis on the fallenness of mankind and our desperate dependence on the gospel for any hope of salvation. This week they posted a commentary on a Kotaku article titled “How Video Game Deaths Help Us Live”, both of which you should read.

The premise of the article is how the concept of “death” in video games has evolved over the years, and what insight it gives into our own lives and why we choose to play video games in the first place. Here are their concluding remarks:

Maybe that’s ultimately just what gaming is for, to give us the thrill without the cost, to satisfy the urge to risk everything, anything, to fall, to drown and burn, to kill and be killed, to explore the dark corners of our own minds, to expiate the sins in our deepest and most frightening part.


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  1. Jesus Noland says:

    It is interesting that games can have these emotional effects on us but I do believe it only scratches the surface. Even the most emotionally-devoted story-based game has not yet been able to truly change the character of a human being to reflect the character of God as stated in the Ten Commandments.

    I do find it inspiring to wonder what videogames can do for a learning experience that allows reflection and examination of our hearts.

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