This morning I came across a new Facebook game based on the book of Exodus called “Journey of Moses” – and it’s pretty good! You can read a quick news article about it on CNN, but I suggest you just dive in and have a play.

The game takes the form of a kind of isometric tile-based adventure game. You search about for hidden treasures and so on in the process of trying to solve various quests, all tied into the story of Moses. I just tried the first few rooms to get a feel for it, and there’s definitely a certain fun to it. The production values seem pretty high, with a simple but nicely done intro animation. There are a few situations where the dialogue you’re trying to read goes off screen or gets covered up by GUI elements, but generally it seemed very well made. They obviously understand Facebook games pretty well – there’s lots of opportunities to publish your achievements to your wall and so on, creating a nice social feel to it.

It’s always nice to discover new Christian video games that are of good quality by people who clearly know what they’re doing. I wish them every success!


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