Things have been pretty quiet on my blog here for the past few months, but that doesn’t reflect a lack of progress on my Bible-teaching Computer Game, codenamed “Ebenezer”. In the past few months, I have:

  • Rewritten the scripting engine to use the open source Lua language
  • Added support for ‘doors’ that allow you pass between rooms
  • Written scripts to allow the player to have a conversation with some of the characters in the game
  • Improved the in-game editor based on my own experience of how I was wanting to use it
  • Fixed no end of bugs

For the first time in just over four years of working on the project, it’s finalling starting to actually resemble a real game. It makes me kick myself to think that I waited this long to start testing it on real-world scenarios, rather than just developing features in a complete vacuum and boldly declaring them “pretty much working” without having really done the least bit of testing. None-the-less, it’s immensely satisfying to see it finally starting to come together – even if the characters in my test project are all identical little cowboys!

The code to my open source engine, “Hayah”, can be found on Google Code should anyone be curious.


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