As a follow-up to yesterday’s piece on the commercial viability of Christian video games, I came across this interesting post recently on the economics of the Android market for games. Here’s a quote:

“I don’t know how it became so widely believed that free, ad-supported apps are the only way to make money on Android… I think you can thank Rovio’s decision to go that route with Angry Birds. I feel like I’ve disproven that myth pretty thoroughly. Daily revenue from Battleheart on Android is fairly close, within 80%, of it’s iOS counterpart at the moment.”

On the flip-side:

“The most frustrating part about developing for android is actually just dealing with the deluge of support e-mail, most of which is related to download and installation problems which have nothing to do with the app itself, and everything to do with the android OS and market having innate technical problems.”

This post is part of a series attempting to blog every day in the run up to the Christian Game Developers Conferences

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