One of the struggles I’ve had trying to get people interested in my Old Testament adventure game is that there are so few sites dedicated to Christian video games on which to publicise it. Even those that do exist aren’t always that active and up-to-date, simply because sadly there really isn’t that much news on a week-by-week basis in the Christian gaming space.

In the run up to the Christian Game Developers Conference, I thought it would be good to post details of some of the sites that I’ve found helpful.

  1. Mack’s Mega List of Christian Developers and Games on the Christian Developers Network – the definitive (and constantly updated) list of Christian video games
  2. The Christ Centered Gamer forums – though personally I’m not that thrilled by the idea of game reviews that focus on the more superficial elements of games such as their violence content, I know that CCGR provides a valuable resource for many. But their forums are home to a very active and engaged community of gamers, making it a great place to get people’s opinions
  3. Christian Gaming is a site dedicated to “gaming from a Christian perspective”. From the looks of things it’s not all that active, but is no doubt a first destination for many people searching on Google for details about Christian video games
  4. Gamers 4 Jesus is another community for Christian gamers, and their forums seem fairly active. I’ve not really done a lot of exploring here, but it’s certainly one of the more professional looking websites related to the subject

What have I missed? I’m sure there are loads out there that I haven’t yet stumbled across, so do leave a comment below if you know of (or run) any!

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