Great post over on Life of a Steward on the temptation to give up on work that matters:

“When you’re doing work that matters, temptation will come… When we think of being tempted, we think of sexual affairs or perhaps the allure of lying for financial gain.

But this testing doesn’t come just with the major afflictions, of course. Sometimes it comes through the everyday drag of doing hard work.

Let’s face it. Sometimes the going gets tough. When you’re doing something that truly matters, it takes courage and perseverance.

We’re tempted to find an easy way out. Tempted to quit. Tempted to compromise.

But we can take heart because we have some promises from God about temptation.”

Read the whole thing here


2 Responses to You WILL Be Tempted To Quit

  1. God at play says:

    Just wanted to leave a comment here to say that you might be tempted to quit working on this game. Don’t give in. You haven’t quit working on this, have you? Keep going!

  2. Story of my life. A blessing to be able to reach out to the community of like minds to overcome through Christ!

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