Today has been a day of last minute preparation before I fly out on Monday for next week’s Christian Game Developers Conference.

The demo of the first scene of Ebenezer is shaping up quite nicely. I did a bit of user testing last night, and the consensus is it’s too waffly and I need to trim out some of the dialogue, but by and large it’s a lot more obvious what’s going on than it was before. It’s amazed me in all of my user testing over the last few months how incredibly consistent people’s responses are – they virtually all try exactly the same actions in exactly the same order; they virtually all ask exactly the same questions.

I did, however, find one show-stopper of a bug: when you go to talk to one of the main characters, Saul, the entire screen goes blank and you can never get it back. Oops! Wouldn’t be such a concern except that I can’t reproduce it from within the Unity development environment, only when it’s compiled for the device, making it much harder to identify and fix the problem. Let’s hope I can get it sorted before the conference starts on Thursday!

This post is part of a series attempting to blog every day in the run up to the Christian Game Developers Conference 2011

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