This is it – the final countdown! Day 19 of 20 of my little blogging spree whilst I finish writing puzzles for my Bible-teaching computer game. I’m enjoying a very pleasant weekend at my parents whilst I write up, including a nice little walk in the countryside. After committing some of my ideas to paper they now seem a little inappropriate or just slightly stupid, but at least it gives a basis for further discussion, even if it’s not exactly what will end up in the finished game.

Because I’m on my laptop, I’m writing it up in Microsoft Works (which came pre-installed). It turns out it’s really irritating! It seems to get confused easily when I’m writing apostrophes, thinking I wanted opening quotes and therefore writing the apostrophe backwards! It also tries to be a bit too clever for its own good, not understanding that I’m writing in the present tense (“Samuel returns”) and inserting random apostrophes where I don’t want them (“Samuel return’s”). Oh well, such is life! I’m having rather more joy with Dia for drawing the various flow diagrams.


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