Keeping Going to the Finish Line

I’ve recently taken up running again, and it’s reminded me of a really annoying habit I have. I could have been jogging for twenty minutes with no problems, but the minute I get onto the final straight and the end seems within reach, I immediately want to ease off the pace and start walking. It happens to me in computer programming too: as soon as a project or a feature seems 90% done, I get complacent and take my foot off the gas, moving onto something else. Maybe it’s the procrastinator in me, but I find it really hard to keep going once I know something is almost finished.

With less than a week to go until my deadline for writing the puzzles for my Christian computer game, I’m starting to get that distinct “no need to work too hard, you’re almost there!” feeling. I made a few diagrams yesterday, mapping out the flow of the puzzles, and I reckon there are 12 outstanding questions. The danger now is that instead of pushing through and getting them all wrapped up before the weekend I end up slacking off and getting complacent.


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