I found this entertaining little exploration of “Why Do Christian Games Suck?” on YouTube last night.

I particularly loved this line: the tendency of Christian games to ape the mainstream, replacing characters like Mario with figures from the Bible, has “always been a recipe for boring the player, distorting the scriptures and satisfying no-one.” Amen to that! Now if only somebody could come up with a way to stay faithful to the scriptures and still produce a fun gaming experience…


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  1. […] it’s not a challenge that has been very successfully met very often. As one person put it, the approach of many Christian video game developers thus far has generally been “a recipe […]

  2. Averre says:

    Gaming after 40 was annoying and thankfully he eventually figured it out as well and has been kind enough to stop making videos all together.

    I’m not a Christian but I am a gamer, it’s not that Christian games suck as much as they are unknown. Heaven is a decent Myst clone with impressive graphics but the plot is only OK. Adams Venture is a Tomb Radier like game and it doesn’t take iteslf seriously, sadly the voice acting is terrible.

    Left Behind and LBGames (now Inspired Media Entertainment) would have done better than it did if it wasn’t for the company playing the lawsuit card. Gamers don’t respond well to threats and neither do reviewers. LB2 and LB3 came and went without so much as a whisper. They shot themselves in the foot.

    Christians games don’t have to \remain faithful\ they just have to be good. Once christian developers wrap their brains around this very simple concept then they’ll be able to impress the gaming community, until then, they’ll always be dragging along.

    • Michael says:

      Hey! I think we’ve got what it takes to help God shine through to the industry! Check us out on Facebook. +Fatedrawn Studios. :) Perhaps you can even hear a bit about how we intend to change things!

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