NB: This is a continuation from Wednesday’s post and yesterday’s – read them first


Music: Boards of Canada – Music Has The Right to Children

Aha! I have stumbled upon an interesting problem that needs a bit of thinking about – at last! Turns out that all my existing code assumed that the camera stayed put – i.e. the co-ordinates of everything is relative to the top left of the screen rather than relative to the top left of the background image, so when the camera pans and the background scrolls, everything breaks.


Music: Zero 7 – Simple Things

Motivation is definitely getting harder now that all the big jobs are out of the way. Think I just need to press on with wiring up the first scene and seeing what missing features I discover as I go along.


Music: Wax Taylor – Tales of the Forgotten Melodies

Ugh… Spent all morning trying to work around stupid bugs in Unity. Have finally hacked my way to where I wanted to be, but it ain’t pretty. Somehow I don’t hold out much hope of my bug report being acted on any time soon, either.


Music: Lykke Li – Youth Novels

Decided to have a slow start today since I won’t get a lie in over the weekend. Think I’ll begin the day by sorting out some game admin – I’ve got a couple of collaborators I could do with catching up with. Then it’s just lots and lots and lots of little bitty tasks that need doing.


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