NB: This is a continuation from yesterday’s post – read that first. It is also continued on the next day.

Having had a pretty productive day yesterday, work continues apace on Ebenezer, my Old Testament adventure game. Today is providing considerably more “bitty” than yesterday, but that’s ok – it all has to be done sooner or later!


Music: Boards of Canada – Music Has The Right to Children

Stuck again on getting it to detect clicks – this is getting tedious now! I’m going to take a break to do some prep for my leaders’ Bible study that’s later tonight.


Music: Eliza Doolittle

Having figured out why clicks weren’t being detected I’ve now got a new location set up with a few different areas you can walk in. I’d like to implement scrolling now, so that when you approach the edge of an extra-wide scene the camera pans to follow your movement.


Music: Tycho – Past Is Prologue

Facing a slightly amusing issue due to the fact that the sprite library I’m using doesn’t display images whilst in edit mode, making it quite hard to position objects relative to one another. I’m trying to hack my way around it, but currently I’m having difficulty getting it to detect when you click on things. Oh well, time for lunch I guess.


Music: Radiohead – OK Computer

Okay, so I know it’s not strictly related to game development, but I finally figured out how to delete the hundreds of duplicate songs that keep showing up in my iTunes library. Back on subject, I also got the guy’s beard to appear behind his body when he looks away from the camera.


Music Radiohead – In Rainbows

Turns out that the technicalities of getting the sprites to render in a given order isn’t as hard as I was worried it would be (Z-buffer to the rescue!) so I’ve managed to get people walking behind tables and suchlike now. What remains is those objects that are sometimes in front and sometimes behind – I guess I just need to assign a depth to each box that you can walk in and update the character’s z position as they walk around.


Music Radiohead – Amnesiac

I’m going to start today by taking a look at the Sprite library I’m using to see if I can figure out how it enforces ordering of the sprites, see if it’s easy for me to fix.


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