This morning a friend sent me a link to an interesting little piece by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity on the topic claiming that “computer games are reshaping reality for the masses”. Here’s a quote:

What’s the appeal? It boils down to this: when it comes to our current existence, video games are even better than the real thing. We’re talking digital salvation here, digital transcendence. As Jane McGonigal, game designer and futurist, puts it ‘Where in the real world is that gamer sense of being alive, focused and engaged in every moment?’

It’s certainly been my experience that games like Command & Conquer can be really addictive, mostly because I love having a clear sense of purpose and having an unambiguous goal to work towards – something which isn’t always so apparent in real life. Video games push all the right buttons for us without making any of the same demands as actual living.


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